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We understand that your Hospitality business depends on providing the best guest experience; we have nearly 20 years experience of helping our clients to achieve that goal.

We know that you need the best choice of products specially tailored to the hotel, restaurant or bar environment. We have a select, extensive and high-quality range of internationally recognised branded toiletries and equipment items to meet your needs.


Etality offers hospitality technology solutions designed to enhance the customer experience and increase Hospitality Business and staff efficiency.

Equip your operation with Property Management Systems, mobile payment and ordering capability, food safety tracking, inventory management and staff communication technologies to provide superior, personalized service.


Hospitality Staff Africa is a specialist Hospitality Recruitment Agency that focuses in screening and hiring the best Hospitality Professionals to drive the success of your hospitality business.

HSA ensures that all staff hired have the right pedigree through rigorous screening and background checks together with Interview  theory and practical tests. We believe in recruiting the right people for the right job.

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